Paulo Bu
Me climbing a coconut palm


My name is Paulo and I'm a software developer. I enjoy all kinds of programming paradigms and I'm always trying to learn new stuff... like this page, which is the result of me learning Clojure. You may find the source code for this page on Github.

Profesionally I've been working mainly with Python as a web developer. On my spare time I also use to answer some questions at StackOverflow and train my algorithms skills in several online judges like Kattis or UVa.

I like contributing to open source projects as you may see in my Github account and I'm the creator of Diffy, my own open source project, a tool for sharing source control `diff` output in your browser.

I live in Amsterdam and currently I'm trying to learn Dutch! I have a strange passion for languages and Dutch has been quite a nice challenge :)

Check also my profile on Twitter, LinkedIn, Careers and feel free to contact me :)